Lisa Loving | Owner, Visual Artist

Since 2006 I have been living my dream as Graphic Designer and Photographer. My career began quickly after graduating from The Art Institute of Dallas where I majored in Graphic Design. I was brought on as a Jr. Graphic Designer & Assistant Photographer at Barse Sterling Silver, an award winniLisa Loving Freelance Designer and Photographerng jewelry company based in Dallas, TX. This opportunity launched my career into full-swing.

I planned and built an in-house photography studio which resulted in saving the company large costs from outsourcing the photography. During my time at Barse I brought the company a new look for their overall marketing which is my whimsical and fresh style. This mixed with the beautiful jewelry photography was a real trend setter.

After a few years at Barse I was offered a Jr. Art Director position at The McCarthy Companies, a local full-service automotive ad agency. Here I was involved in many areas of marketing including broadcast, radio, web and print. I managed print design and production for several large clients. From creating visuals for pitches to in-store graphics to various print ads, I was able to bring a breath of fresh air to the table.

A few years passed and I was met with yet another great opportunity that I couldn’t resist. A chance to design packaging and jewelry. I was brought on as an Art Director for a local wholesale and retail gift company. I managed various aspects of the business including the creative teams which consisted of design, web and product production. I also played the role of an assistant buyer in which I traveled to Hong Kong to develop a jewelry line for the company. While working overseas I was responsible for meeting with manufacturers, locating the needed components and placing orders.

After many adventures working as an in-house designer I decided it was time to take the show on the road as a solo act. Always having clients on the side I decided to take the leap into my freelance career in December 2009.

Over the years my clientele has includes a diverse array of businesses and organizations, both large and small. I am thrilled by the interesting design projects I have completed since going into business for myself. From logos to photography to websites to textile design. I enjoy the creative challenge, working directly with my clients and pushing myself to produce the best work possible.

I have had a passion for art since I was very young, having won my first art contest at the age of 11. My painting was displayed at the Dallas City Hall and t-shirts were printed with the design and given to students at Booker T. Washington, a school for the performing and visual arts. While discovering that I had a gift for drawing and painting I also found that I loved the fusion of fine art with digital technology.

For almost 5 years now as a self-employed freelancer I have built solid relationships with my clients and have offered my creative solutions to help grow and improve businesses ultimately leading to effective communication between the product or service and the consumer.

I am truly passionate about design and am ultimately looking to make your life easier by not only offering creative design solutions but also by providing a solid business relationship with industry experience and business savvy.

Thanks for learning more about me now I look forward to learning about you!


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